Types of Gemstones for Jewellery

Gemstones have been used throughout history to add a personal touch to jewellery. In modern times, there have been even more precious and semi-precious gemstones discovered and used in the creation of luxurious jewellery pieces. Here is a list of some of the most precious ones and the significance carried behind them.


diamonds are the most coveted gemstones

Diamonds are the most popular gemstones and they are also the hardest. Well suited for both men and women and look best in studded form with gold accents. Diamonds can come in various colors. Formed under enormous pressure and temperatures in Earth’s mantle or by asteroid impacts and brought to the surface during volcanic activity.

Because diamonds represent eternal companionship and affection, they are best suited for couples or your significant other. They often form the centerpiece of engagement rings.


Some say that pearls are tears of the divine. They are the only gemstone produced by an animal, a seashell. Pearls are among the loveliest and some of the priciest gems. Perfect natural pearls are difficult to acquire so they often come in cultured or artificial forms. Natural pearls can come in different sizes and shapes depending on the location of origin. They have long been considered elegant and classy, usually worn around your neck or as part of an earring – necklace combination.

Pearls represent intelligence, spirituality, and femininity and Elizabeth finds great delight in using them in her pearl jewellery creations.


This remarkable and enchanting stone has a sort of frosty blue look to it. It has been said that the moonstone is formed by the chilly air that comes from the moon. Although it does come in several different colors, the breathy, icy baby blue is considered to be the most gorgeous of them all. These can be found mostly in India and certain parts of Africa.

The moonstone represents clarity, peace, money, and loyalty to a significant other.


As the name implies, aquamarine gemstones are the shade of a deep blue sea. This stone is best suited for those that were born in the early springtime, specifically March. This gem is also a wonderful gift for those than have been recently wed. As far as symbolism, it represents hope, well- being, money, and companionship or loyalty. It can also have meaning towards the eternal life.


sapphire are popular precious stones

Sapphire, another blue stone, is often accessible all throughout the world. The most expensive ones are found in Asian countries like Sri Lanka. They come in different shapes and various shades of the beautiful blue. If you’re wondering about the best way to style these, consider wearing them in a studded earring for the classiest look.

This gemstone represents truth, innocence, trust, and bonding. That makes it more than worthy to be used as a wedding gift to your significant other.


Rubies are an enchanting royal red color and are also the rarest gemstone in the bunch. Spinels, often mistaken for rubies, are very similar in color and cut. Rubies can come in various shades and sizes. They also look best in a studded form just like Sapphire gemstones.

It has been said that the person that wears a ruby or spinel is immune to danger, depression, and is an excellent problem solver and diligent debater.


Unlike some other gemstones, peridot is only available in one color, a royal green. It can be found mostly in Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Despite it only being offered in one shade, it does come in different sizes and can add an elegant touch to your collection. These gems are pretty inexpensive as well.

It has been said that people that wear this stone will be made great healers and are immune to dangerous thoughts and nightmares.


This gemstone is also a striking royal green and is considered a royal gem since it was used in the crowns of some of the world’s most notable leaders. This gem is still used in royal communities in the world in modern times. It has a soft, smooth texture and glistens in certain light. It can also come in pink, purple, and certain shades of white.

The jade stone represents protection, birth, and prosperity.


topaz can come in different colours

This precious stone is among the most expensive of them all. Its most coveted form is the imperial Topaz gem. It is naturally yellow but due to impurities, it can come in orange, pink or wine red colours too. Blended in with gold or silver accessories, this stone can really make anyone stand out and look like a million bucks.

The topaz gem is most suited for those born in the early winter or late fall. Those that wear this gem are considered to be great healers and protectors.


According to legends, if you wear the stone that matches with your birth month, you will receive the benefits and powers that the stone possesses. Hopefully, this inspires you to go out and search for an elegant jewellery piece your birthstone. Good luck awaits you!

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