Elizabeth Gage – British Luxury Jewellery Designer

“Early on in my career I focussed on rings. Mistakenly, I thought they would be easy to make and that any design would suit all fingers, but I was wrong. Fingers are as individual as the person – as indeed are necks and ears.”

– Elizabeth Gage


One of the most influential jewellery designers of the last five decades, Elizabeth is an artist who uses gold and precious stones instead of brushes and paint.

Our jewellery collection includes rings, necklaces, earrings, pins and brooches, bracelets, pendants and cufflinks.
Every piece is hand-made and we have a wonderful collection to suit a wide range of preferences.

Please click on the image, to the right, to see a short video of Elizabeth talking about her jewellery.



  • EMS27216

    Peridot Parrot Earrings

    13,000.00 $
  • PIN27057

    Bronze Hound and Carnelian Snail Cameo Pin

    20,800.00 $
  • A18690 Elizabeth Gage13831

    Bull Signet Ring

    4,550.00 $
  • NMS26805

    Amethyst, Diamond and Pearl Necklace

    58,500.00 $
  • A18690 Elizabeth Gage13819

    Green Tourmaline and Diamond Ring

    65,000.00 $


We offer a personal commission service.

Elizabeth is always delighted to create special, unique pieces for her clients. Her imagination knows no bounds, and with her team of loyal goldsmiths, setters and enamellers she is able to design and make very personal jewellery.