Gemstone of the month: Aquamarine

Inspiration for Elizabeth’s designs begins with the gemstone. Discover Elizabeth’s exquisitely crafted aquamarine jewellery.

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“One of the wonderful things about our handmade rings is that the wearer gains great joy from looking down on a beautiful, precious or semi-precious stone.”

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In the 18th century, for evening wear, ladies favoured diamond and pearl earrings, as this combination instantly lit up their faces in candlelight.

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Elizabeth Gage's Statement Jewels

Elizabeth Gage invites you to discover her one of a kind Statement Jewels.

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“In the 1980s, I created many necklaces – a great challenge for me because of the immensity of the task.”

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Elizabeth’s iconic bracelets include her intaglio carvings, the setting of ancient coins and other interesting artefacts.

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Zodiac Collection

Elizabeth’s Zodiac Collection started with the Leo Band ring. Her inspiration for the collection came from a visit to Athens’ Benaki Musem in 1970’s. Discover your sign.

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Pins & Pendants

“They say that ‘necessity is the mother of invention.’ This became true for me when I observed that the change in fashion, which put women back into suits, would present me with a fine opportunity to design pins.”

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“My very first pair of cufflinks were made for Cartier in New York and they have been a favourite ever since. I enjoy using enamel and molten gold, often incorporating coins or stones into the designs.”

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