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“They say that ‘necessity is the mother of invention.’ This became true for me in the 1980s when I observed that the change in fashion, which put women back into suits, would present me with a fine marketing opportunity for pins.”

As we continue to be inspired by The Pin, this is still true today. In this collection you will find the geometrically interesting Blue Lace Agate Pin and the internationally renowned Kiss Pin amongst many other unique creations.

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  • Thunder-hooves-bronze-horse-pin-PIN25452

    Thunder Hooves Pin

    12,150.00 $
  • PIN19689-600×434

    Turquoise Kiss Pin

    14,175.00 $
  • Ulysses-PIN23229_9445d016-8b75-43b8-89e9-b6d14b106ee1


    9,113.00 $