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“They say that ‘necessity is the mother of invention.’ This became true for me in the 1980s when I observed that the change in fashion, which put women back into suits, would present me with a fine marketing opportunity for pins.”

As we continue to be inspired by The Pin, this is still true today. In this collection you will find the geometrically interesting Blue Lace Agate Pin and the internationally renowned Kiss Pin amongst many other unique creations.

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  • Camille-PIN24914


  • Elizabeth_Gage_Selene_Opal_Matrix_Carving_Pin_PIN24928


  • Elizabeth_Gage_Fortuna_Roman_Bronze_Molten_Pin_PIN24997

    ‘The Fortuna Pin’

  • PIN25813_960px

    Aquamarine Unicorn Cameo Pin

  • Benjamin-bunny-garnet-pin-with-oval-peridot-PIN16947

    Benjamin Bunny

  • Bi-colour-tourmaline-cornucopia-pin-with-pearl-PIN19024

    Bi-Colour Tourmaline Cornucopia Cameo Pin

  • Black-opal-pin-set-in-22ct-yellow-gold-with-diamonds-PIN17997

    Black Opal Pin

  • PIN26795

    Bolder Opal Feather and Diamond Pin

  • Elizabeth_Gage_Butterfly_Lapis_Pin_PIN24332

    Butterfly Lapis Pin

  • Elizabeth_Gage_Charles_First_Kiss_Pin_Yellow_Beryl_PIN24544

    Charles I Kiss Pin

  • Elizabeth_Gage_Coin_Kiss_Pin_PIN22760

    Constantine II Coin Kiss Pin

  • Elizabeth_Gage_Sunstone_Carved_Parrot_Pin_PIN20642—Figaro


  • Gold-and-Diamond-Leaf-Pin-PIN25983

    Gold and Diamond Leaf Pin

  • Elizabeth_Gage_Golden_Beryl_Arcadia_Pin_PIN24483Hi

    Golden Beryl Arcadia Pin

  • Jasper-panther-head-pin-PIN25279

    Guardian Pin