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“In the 1980s, I created many necklaces – a great challenge for me because of the immensity of the task. Diamonds were considered vulgar during the day; yet ladies wanted impressive pieces that were safe to wear and unpretentious.

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  • NMS25721

    Agate Bead Necklace with Gold Roller Seal Plaque

  • NMS26881 with PEN24730

    Alexander the Great Pendant and Foxtail Chain

  • PEN22652 main_960px

    Bi-coloured Tourmaline Engraved Cross Pendant

  • NMS25625

    Bronzite Necklace with Anglo-Saxon Pendant

  • NMS24625

    Cameo Pendant with Red Jasper Necklace with

  • PEN23713-a

    Carved Gold Cross Pendant

  • Elizabeth_Gage_Carved_Rubelite_Cameo_Pendant_PEN24189

    Carved Rubellite Cameo Pendant

  • Elizabeth_Gage_Coin_Pendant_PEN24730Hi

    Coin Pendant

  • NMS24546_960px

    Denim Jasper Necklace with Bronze Lunar Pendant

  • Pomegranate-carved-garnet-pendant-with-gold-surround-PEN24047

    Garnet Cameo Pomegranate Pendant

  • NMS19910.a

    Gold Belcher Chain and Pocket Watch

  • NMS24909

    Grey Moonstone Necklace and Pendant

  • NMS27217

    Hellenistic Gold and Rock Crystal Pendant with Gold Chain

  • PEN26076_gold

    Holy Roman Emperor Charles V Pendant

  • Elizabeth_Gage_Mandarin_Garnet_Strawberry_Pendant_PEN24810

    Mandarin Garnet Strawberry Pendant