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In the 18th century, for evening wear, ladies favoured diamond and pearl earrings, as this combination instantly lit up their faces in candlelight. Blue sapphires tended to be too dark and therefore yellow sapphire and pink spinels were the gemstones of choice because they held their colour at night.

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  • EMS17116

    Antique Agate Cameo Earrings

  • Elizabeth_Gage_Aquamarine_Earrings_EMS24922

    Aquamarine and Diamond Earrings

  • prq21140_low

    Aquamarine and Diamond Persian Queen Earrings

  • Elizabeth_Gage_Aquamarine_Valois_Earrings_EBA19644

    Aquamarine and Diamond Valois Earrings

  • PRQ25817

    Aquamarine and Enamel Persian Queen Earrings

  • Aquamarine-valois-earrings-with-diamonds-and-pearls-EVA23866

    Aquamarine and Pearl Valois Earrings

  • Aquamarine-Earrings-EMS26328

    Aquamarine Earrings

  • Oval-cabochon-aquamarine-beaded-surround-earrings-EMS22596

    Aquamarine Earrings

  • Aquamarine Earrings

    Aquamarine Earrings

  • Elizabeth_Gage_Aquamarine_Eleanor_Earrings_ELA24612

    Aquamarine Eleanor Earrings

  • EMS26978

    Aquamarine Parrot Earrings

  • PRQ26739_960px

    Aquamarine Persian Queen Earrings

  • EMS26924_960px

    Aquamarine, Diamond and Pearl Drop Earrings

  • Cross-earrings-with-square-aqamarine-stones-and-biwa-pearls-CRS26424

    Aquamarine, Pearl and Diamond Earrings

  • Silver-coins-from-Attica-earrings-EGC26550

    Attica Silver Coin Earrings