Cufflinks - Elizabeth Gage



“My very first pair of cufflinks were made for Cartier in New York and they have been a favourite ever since. I enjoy using enamel and molten gold, often incorporating coins or stones into the designs.

I use the zodiac symbols that feature on my early rings and my Templar style also translates well into cufflinks”.

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  • CUF26837

    Silver Calcite Knot and Diamond Cufflinks

    7,800.00 $
  • Silver-Coin-Cufflinks-CUF25501_c36e360e-d3a4-4ade-ae18-c28df5a35f4f

    Silver Coin Cufflinks

    8,970.00 $
  • Silver-Drachm-Coin-Cufflinks-CUF26249

    Silver Drachm Coin Cufflinks

    13,000.00 $
  • Elizabeth_Gage_Spectrolite_Cufflinks_CUF21816

    Spectrolite Cufflinks

    9,750.00 $
  • Elizabeth_Gage_Gemini_Cufflinks_CUF14467_40bb8458-b465-4646-ad28-b4d55e178fd4

    Zodiac Cufflinks

    6,240.00 $