British Jewellery Designer, Elizabeth Gage, Receives MBE

Elizabeth Gage, renowned British jewellery designer, received her MBE at the investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace on Thursday 16th November, after the announcement was made in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list earlier this year.

Elizabeth Gage’s striking designs and exquisite artistry in 18 carat gold are celebrated and collected all over the world. All hand crafted in Great Britain using traditional jewellery making techniques, Elizabeth Gage designs are instantly recognisable by their bold use of colour, original design and exquisite craftsmanship.

Acknowledged by many international awards and celebrated by several international design museums, including the V&A in London, Elizabeth is thrilled to have received an MBE for her lifetimes work. “I have learnt in life that we can rarely achieve anything significant, entirely by ourselves, many things come together to ensure success. There is always something else that comes into it, generally the unexpected. I am humbled and proud to be receiving this MBE, however, it is not without the help and support of numerous friends and colleagues, that this award has been given to me”, comments Elizabeth.

Elizabeth’s unwavering enthusiasm for creating beautiful jewellery continues and her vivid imagination, inspired by different cultures and histories, the natural world and the animal kingdom, is fuelled by her love of experiencing and learning something new. However, the starting point for Elizabeth, is always the stone or centre piece. Whether it is a precious stone, fossil or historical treasure, Elizabeth allows it to dictate the design. “It is a wonderfully fluid and natural process and I instinctively know what works to complete a jewel”, says Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Gage creates unique collections and offers a bespoke service.

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