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The attraction of gold is as old as history and similarly for Elizabeth Gage, a trained master goldsmith, her desire to create bold and dramatic jewellery, exclusively in gold, characterises her collectable work. Since ancient times, gold has been the object of dreams and desires and throughout Western literature from King Midas in ancient Greek myths or Fagin in Dickens’ Oliver Twist, characters have killed for or hoarded this precious metal.

Elizabeth’s great knowledge of historical jewellery combined with her mastery in traditional jewellery making has led her to develop some technically challenging and original techniques that she incorporates throughout her work. Borrowing from the past and approaching new ways to sculpt and create in gold has enabled Elizabeth’s work to play on its historical references yet be totally current.

  • The Roller Seal ring depicts pictorial stories of fantastical creatures from the Sumerian period, 3500BC or the Sassanian period, 350AD. Rolled onto wet clay the impression was a form of signature or confirmation of a receipt that reveals information about a specific time or civilisation. Here Elizabeth has re-awakened this fascinating insight into the past with a modern band of 18 carat gold finished with a molton gold edge.
  • The remarkable Agincourt ring is one of two early designs that has been a constant and popular masterpiece since the late 1960’s. Spectacular for its beauty and delicate design, but particularly noteworthy is the exceptional skill required to construct the intricate 18 carat woven and interconnecting elements that create this award winning flexible band ring. Elizabeth’s first Agincourt ring resembled a Persian carpet set with amethysts and peridots but since then Elizabeth has created many individual designs with varying stones and carved sections.
  • Beautifully demonstrating the lost wax process is the sculptural Tree of Life necklace. Wax is carved, melted and shaped until Elizabeth is happy with the design. The wax is then cast and hot liquid gold replaces the wax. Since the wax disappears during this process it is called the ‘lost’ wax process and each piece is one of a kind. The Tree of Life necklace is a symbolic design of moulded golden branches with moving diamond pavé set oak leaves that twinkle as they ‘dance’. The simple rigid design is crafted from jet black water buffalo horn that contrasts beautifully with the delicate design in gold.

“The thrill of working in gold has never left me since I made a pin from my first sheet of gold. Its place in history, richness and diversity allow me to express myself and interpret my inspirations that no other material can”, comments Elizabeth. Discover a selection of Elizabeth’s gold jewels, from gold bracelets to all gold rings.

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