"Sleeping Beauty" Pin


Indulge in the charm of our 18ct yellow gold pin, a true work of art that captures the essence of nature's beauty and whimsy. At its heart, a delightful cameo of a panda bear, carved from cocholong and onyx, brings a touch of playful elegance. The panda's personality shines through with painted rock crystal eyes, adding life to this enchanting piece.

The panda rests on a tree-stump of petrified wood, grounding the design in the natural world. Below, golden bamboo canes sway gracefully, while above, a tree of golden branches and leaves extends, creating a captivating contrast of materials and textures.

This pin is more than just jewelry; it's a storytelling masterpiece, a celebration of nature, and a symbol of artistic elegance. Wear it with pride and let its charm adorn your style.

  • 1 cameo of a panda bear in cocholong and onyx with rock crystal eyes (104.39cts)
  • Carved petrified wood tree stump
  • Gold bamboo canes, branches and leaves
  • 18ct yellow gold
  • Approximately 62mm/2½ inches from top to bottom

Piece code: 27443

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