The Gazelle Amulet Pin


Discover an enchanting pin featuring a captivating gazelle stone amulet dating back to circa 3,000 BC, adorned with 18ct yellow gold spiral horns, tail, and mesmerizing diamond-set eyes. Resting on a golden plinth embellished with green enamel chevron patterning and diamonds on each side, the pin showcases an 18ct yellow gold framed roller-seal impression depicting a gazelle in flight, sourced from a Sassanian stone roller-seal dating to 350 AD.

At the bottom, a bi-colored tourmaline triangular cabochon with a double wire cap adds a unique touch. The gazelle, a potent ancient cultural symbol, embodies both agility and elegance—a representation of grace under pressure. This pin encapsulates rich historical significance and exquisite craftsmanship.

  • 1 gazelle stone amulet, circa 3,000 BC
  • 4 diamonds (0.10cts in total)
  • 1 bi-coloured triangular cabochon tourmaline (33.05cts)
  • Green enamel
  • 18ct yellow gold
  • Approximately 77mm/3 inches from top to bottom

Piece code: 27514

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