Elizabeth's Statement Jewels

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  • EG29_190The Maharajah Pin

    The “Maharajah” Pin

  • TTL27877-minAquamarine and Enamel Tapered Templar Ring

    Aquamarine and Enamel Tapered Templar Ring

  • TTI26997

    Black Opal Tapered Templar with Blue Enamel Ring

  • AGB27874-minYellow and white gold Agincourt Friendship ring with diamonds; fine jewellery London

    Agincourt Friendship Ring

  • MIS21150-minMIS21150 V1

    Rhodolite Garnet and Diamond Ring

  • BMS20068HRBMS20068

    Diamond Chevron Agincourt Bracelet

  • RSR27051-TTL27786-minGold ring featuring blue-green tourmaline and chevron enamel; fine jewellery London

    The “Pharaoh” Ring

  • CRN23723aDiamond Crown Ring

    Diamond Crown Ring

  • CHA27179aRubellite and Diamond Charlemagne Ring

    Rubellite and Diamond Charlemagne Ring

  • NSP26775NSP26775 Bust

    South Sea Cultured Baroque Pearl Necklace

  • NSP24801NSP24801 Bust

    The Tatyana Necklace

  • “Sleeping Beauty” Pin

    “Sleeping Beauty” Pin

  • A18690 Elizabeth Gage13841Green tourmaline and diamond ring

    Green Tourmaline and Diamond Ring

  • NSP27082 Bust

    Rubellite and Rock Crystal Pendant on South Sea Pearl Necklace

  • TTS27222aOld Cut Diamond Tapered Templar Ring

    Old Cut Diamond Tapered Templar Ring

  • NMS19910NMS19910.a. Bust

    Gold Belcher Chain and Pocket Watch

  • NAG26979 Bust

    Gold Links Necklace

  • EG39-LS-0619_1609Aquamarine, Diamond and Pearl Drop Earrings

    Aquamarine, Diamond and Pearl Drop Earrings

  • EG22_381-renderPink tourmaline, diamond and pearl earrings BMS25834

    Pink Tourmaline, Pearl and Diamond Earrings

  • EG-LS-0920_417NSP26669 Bust

    Pink Pearl Necklace

  • Baroque-water-opal-pendant-set-with-diamonds-PEN24788

    Water Opal Pendant

  • GAGE11_017-renderNMS26272 Bust

    The Tree of Life Necklace

  • MIS25864 V2MIS25864

    The Tourmaline Royal Ring

  • NSP22755 Bust

    The Empress Necklace