Men’s Collection

An important part of my work is jewellery created for men. There are few items that men wear these days. Alas, the 18th century is gone and so are the intricate and glorious buttons, fanciful shoe buckles and elaborately carved cane-heads. However, we still have rings, pendants and cufflinks, with or without matching shirt studs. I enjoy using enamel and molten gold, often incorporating coins or stones into the designs. I use the zodiac symbols that feature on my early rings and my Templar style also translates well into cufflinks.

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  • TBG27751V101 1Myrtle Leaf Gold Band Ring

    Myrtle Leaf Gold Band Ring

  • Howlite and Mother of Pearl Cufflinks

    Howlite and Mother of Pearl Cufflinks

  • SIG27321aLapis Lazuli Intaglio Signet Ring

    Lapis Lazuli Intaglio Signet Ring

  • 2018-12-07 13-31-57 (C)Lion Signet Ring

    Lion Signet Ring

  • A18690 Elizabeth Gage13880Gold bull signet ring

    Bull Signet Ring

  • Diamond Molten Gold Cufflinks

    Diamond Molten Gold Cufflinks

  • WED27028aTextured band ring

    Textured Band Ring

  • Nephrite Clover Cufflinks CUF26721

    Nephrite Clover Cufflinks

  • Silver Calcite Knot and Diamond Cufflinks CUF26837-600×434

    Silver Calcite Knot and Diamond Cufflinks

  • Pink sapphire dress studs

    Pink Sapphire Dress Studs

  • EG13_039-renderDiamond and Repoussè Gold Dress Studs

    Diamond and Repoussè Gold Dress Studs

  • Gold Band Ring

    Wedding Band

  • Zodiac-templar-band-with-four-leo-motifs-ZBG26427-600×434

    Leo Band Ring

  • Silver Coin Money Clip MSS25832_960px

    Silver Coin Money Clip

  • EG13_039-renderBronze Coin Cufflinks

    Bronze Coin Cufflinks

  • Cameo Cufflinks

    Cameo Cufflinks

  • Zodiac Cufflinks

  • ZBE28a_960pxZodiac Sagittarius ring

    Sagittarius Zodiac Band Ring

  • Templar-band-ring-with-soft-puramids-of-gold-and-violet-grey-enamel-TBE26026-600×434

    Violet-Grey Enamel Templar Ring

  • Trellis-and-bead-tapered-templar-ring-TTG26371-600×434

    Trellis and Bead Tapered Templar Ring

  • Elizabeth_Gage_Galleon_Green_Tourmaline_Intaglio_Pin_PIN24995

    The Galleon Pin

  • Spectrolite Cufflinks

  • Silver-Drachm-Coin-Cufflinks-CUF26249

    Silver Drachm Coin Cufflinks

  • Elizabeth_Gage_Pyramid_Motif_Gold_Studs-STU20131-600×435

    Pyramid Motif Gold Studs