Planished Gold Large Tube Bracelet

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This exquisite bracelet is a harmonious blend of elegance and modern craftsmanship, comprising eight 18ct yellow planished gold tubes, each exuding a unique charm. The planishing technique used on these gold tubes creates a fascinating, slightly hammered texture, giving the bracelet a radiant, light-catching effect. These tubes are thoughtfully alternated with molten gold jump rings, adding a fluid and organic touch to the design. The molten gold rings, with their smooth and naturalistic appearance, contrast beautifully with the textured tubes, creating a visually appealing interplay of finishes.

The bracelet measures 8½ inches in length, making it a versatile fit for various wrist sizes. This length ensures a comfortable drape on the wrist, allowing for both casual and formal wear. Whether it's an addition to a personal collection or a special gift, this bracelet stands out with its unique combination of planished and molten gold elements, embodying both the beauty of traditional goldsmithing and the allure of contemporary design.

  • 8 18ct yellow planished gold tubes
  • Approximately 215mm/8½ inches in length

Piece code: 27805