Green Tourmaline Ring


Discover the striking allure of our boldly carved molten gold ring, a masterful display of craftsmanship and style. At the heart of this stunning piece lies a magnificent round cabochon green tourmaline, its rich, vibrant colour reminiscent of lush, verdant landscapes. The tourmaline is set in a uniquely textured gold band that mimics the fluid, organic forms of molten gold, giving the ring a dynamic and intriguing appearance.

Elizabeth's artistic design not only captures the eye but also celebrates the natural beauty of the gemstone, making it a standout addition to any jewellery collection. Ideal for those who prefer statement pieces that blend artistic expression with luxury, its bold character and exceptional gemstone make it a timeless treasure that will enhance any ensemble with its elegance and originality.

  • 1 round cabochon green tourmaline (12.14cts)
  • 18ct yellow gold
  • Approximately 14mm/½ inch from top to bottom

Piece code: 28498

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