Cancer Zodiac Tapered Templar Ring


Explore charm and elegance with our delightful 18ct yellow & white gold tapered Zodiac ring, showcasing the Cancer motif, intricately adorned with sun, moon, Venus, and Mercury symbols. Finished with exquisite gold bead detail and a distinctive wire-twist-wire edge, this ring embodies celestial beauty and personalized craftsmanship.

Discover versatility with customizable options, allowing personalization through special zodiac signs, dates, symbolic motifs, and the addition of gemstones. Elevate your style with this unique ring, where astrology meets exquisite design

  • Cancer motif
  • Sun, moon, Venus, and Mercury symbols
  • 18ct yellow & white gold
  • Approximately 17mm/¾ inch from top to bottom

Piece code: 28419

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