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  • Amethyst and Rubellite Pin

    Amethyst and Rubellite Pin

  • AGT26174-minGold tapered Agincourt ring with amethyst and yellow diamonds; fine jewellery London

    Amethyst and Yellow Diamond Agincourt Ring

  • EG46_397Amethyst and vine leaf earrings; fine jewellery London; Elizabeth Gage

    Amethyst and Vine Leaf Earrings

  • FEBRUARY: Amethyst Tapered Templar Ring

  • EG39-LS-0619_2166“The Bandits” earrings

    “The Bandits” Earrings

  • Elizabeth_Gage_Acanthus_Amethyst_Pin_PIN23586-2

    The Acanthus Amethyst Pin

  • Amethyst and Diamond Ring

  • The-snowflake-pin-PIN22551

    The Snowflake Pin