The Agincourt Collection - Elizabeth Gage

The Agincourt Collection

The soft and flexible Agincourt ring was one of the first rings I created. The decoration on the first Agincourt ring I created, reminded me of Persian carpet. I have since enjoyed creating this ring in many colours and designs, and have introduced a flexible bracelet to the collection.

  • All-gold-Agincourt-AGT25808_b10b9754-80c6-41a7-9ae6-6931d032b262

    All Gold Agincourt Ring

  • Elizabeth_Gage_Agincourt_Bracelet_BMS20068

    Chevron Agincourt Bracelet

  • Diamond-Agincourt-ring-AGT23664

    Diamond Agincourt Band

  • Mali-Garnet-Agincourt-ring-AGT26174_77bed66e-8daf-4327-ace7-c20bda3e1bbf

    Mali Garnet Agincourt Ring

  • main_image_822b759c-199f-4290-9300-631ca834d0e0

    Mandarin Garnet Agincourt Ring