Iconic Jewellery: Elizabeth Gage Templar Rings

The iconic and original gold Templar band ring created by Elizabeth Gage in the 1970’s, and still one of the most popular designs, epitomises the strong character of Elizabeth’s work. Never a follower of fashion but a designer who remains true to her point of view, Elizabeth’s work combines a timeless quality with current appeal and an unwavering commitment to highly skilled, traditional handcrafted techniques.

Named after the Knights Templar, the Templar band ring collection has an architectural quality borrowed from the pageantry of the 14th century. Steeped in traditional, this powerful statement jewel of solid 18 carat gold possesses talisman qualities that deepen the experience beyond its beauty. Stones are placed in rub over settings, so as not to catch on clothing, around the ring in various shapes and sizes to create balance and harmony.” A myriad of variations that even now, years later, I can still create new motifs and designs”, says Elizabeth.

The creative combinations of stones, enamels and carvings are endless and combined with either a drum band or tapered band, every Elizabeth Gage Templar ring is unique. Pictured above, the fabulous 40.70 carat cabochon mandarin garnet is decorated with 32 brilliant diamonds and a flower design on the walls of a tapered band that more easily accommodates larger stones. The stone is always the starting point of the design and this beautiful and rare garnet harnessing enormous vitality creates a remarkable ring for the discerning eye.

An authentic Elizabeth Gage ring encapsulates heritage, good design and fine craftsmanship.

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