Pearl Necklace with Gold, Red and Blue Enamel Tubes


Introducing our stunning cultured cream pearl necklace, featuring six gold tubes with hexagon motifs. Four of the tubes have a unique randomly engraved background and red enamel, while the other two tubes have a fine line design engraved and blue enamel. The necklace is adorned with beaded rondels and finished with a small dragon head clasp. Measuring 41½ inches in length, this necklace is perfect for any occasion and is sure to turn heads.

  • 88 cultured cream pearls
  • 4  gold tubes with red enamel tubes
  • 2 gold tubes with blue enamel
  • Beaded gold rondels
  • 18ct yellow gold dragon clasp
  • Approximately 105mm/41½ inches in length


Piece code: 25624

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