Roller Seal Plaque with Sunstone, Pearl and Onyx Necklace


Introducing a fabulous necklace featuring four rows of mixed sunstone, dyed pearls, and black onyx beads. The beads are elegantly strung on funnels with molten edges, intricate granulation, and textured surfaces. Suspended from this exquisite arrangement is a captivating gold roller seal plaque, depicting an acrobat leaping over a bull's back. For added versatility, a polished gold jump-ring allows the necklace to be worn without the plaque. This stunning piece measures 19 inches in length, adding sophistication and charm to any ensemble.

  • 18ct yellow gold roller seal plaque, showing an acrobat leaping over a bulls' back
  • 4 rows of mixed sunstone, dyed pearls & black onyx
  • 2 18ct yellow gold funnels with molten edges, granulation and texturing
  • Approximately 480mm/19 inches in length


Piece code: 26287

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