Blue, Pink, Yellow and Green Sapphire Templar Band Ring


This exquisite 18ct yellow gold Templar band ring is a showcase of both vibrant colour and refined elegance. It is set with an array of oval faceted sapphires in a stunning spectrum of blue, pink, yellow, and green. These sapphires, known for their deep and vivid hues, add a touch of brilliance and a playful array of colors to the ring. Alternating with the sapphires are eight round brilliant cut diamonds, meticulously placed to create a harmonious balance with the colored gemstones. The diamonds add a classic and timeless sparkle, enhancing the overall beauty of the piece.

The ring is further adorned with delicate gold bead details, adding a touch of sophistication and intricacy to the design. Completing the ring is Elizabeth's signature wire-twist-wire edging, a testament to the attention to detail and craftsmanship that has gone into the ring's creation. This feature not only frames the precious stones and diamonds beautifully but also adds a unique textural contrast to the smoothness of the gemstones. This Templar band ring, with its combination of colorful sapphires, dazzling diamonds, and intricate gold work, is a perfect blend of modern style and classic elegance.

  • 1 oval faceted blue sapphire (0.84cts)
  • 1 oval faceted pink sapphire (0.91cts)
  • 1 oval faceted yellow sapphire (1.02cts)
  • 1 oval faceted green sapphire (1.03cts)
  • 8 round brilliant cut diamonds (0.49cts in total)
  • 18ct yellow gold
  • Approximately 15mm/¾ inch from top to bottom

Piece code: 28672

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