"Love and Loyalty" Earrings

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This exquisite pair of 18ct gold earrings features a charming design with a crown resting atop a heart motif, symbolizing "Love & Loyalty." Each earring is intricately crafted, with the heart representing enduring love and the crown above it signifying unwavering loyalty. The crown is embellished with a diamond set on each of its three points, providing a subtle yet captivating sparkle that enhances the symbolism of the piece.

Adding to the elegance, a larger diamond is set between the crown and heart, serving as a striking centerpiece that draws the eye and amplifies the brilliance of the earrings. A detachable pearl drop is gracefully suspended from the bottom of each earring, offering versatility in styling. These earrings are equipped with clip fittings, ensuring a comfortable fit for all wearers and making them a sophisticated accessory for a variety of occasions.

  • 8 round brilliant diamonds (0.28cts in total)
  • 2 plume pearls
  • 18ct yellow gold
  • Approximately 33mm/1¼ inches from top to bottom

Piece code: 27593