Cancer Motif Red Gold Zodiac Signet Ring


Elizabeth Gage draws inspiration from her vast portfolio to craft the exquisite Gage Signet rings, a transformation of her iconic Zodiac rings. This particular piece features the Cancer motif in red gold, creating a unique zodiac signet ring.

The ring boasts a splendid wire-twist-wire edge, a hallmark of Elizabeth's meticulous craftsmanship, which beautifully enhances the shimmering quality of the gold. This zodiac signet ring is not only a symbol of astrological significance but also a testament to Elizabeth's unparalleled artistry, making it a distinguished choice as a zodiac sign wedding ring.

For those seeking a personal touch, Elizabeth Gage offers a signet custom jewellery service. This service allows for bespoke incorporations, such as family crests, significant symbols, and precious stones, ensuring that each piece carries a deeply personal and meaningful connection. Discover the world of personalized luxury with Elizabeth Gage.

  • Cancer motif
  • 18ct red gold
  • Approximately 18mm / ¾ inch at widest point

Piece code: 25990

In stock

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