After sales services

We value each and every one of our clients and want to make sure that their experience after buying their unique piece is just as special and personal as that of buying it.

We are always here for any questions you might have but below you will find a list of some of the after sales services we offer for our rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pins and cufflinks.

Jewellery repairs

Where your piece has been damaged, please do feel free to bring it in for an assessment. Our experts will give you a quote before proceeding with the necessary repair. We also provide a service of restringing necklaces.

Jewellery alterations

For any alterations, whether it be the resizing of rings or the lengthening of bracelets or necklaces, we can help.


We can engrave any special messages into your rings or bracelets to give your exquisite piece an additional touch of personality that is dear to your heart.

Recreate lost pieces

Should your favourite gold jewellery get lost or stolen, with the help of our very detailed archives, we can recreate the piece. Similarly, should an earring from a pair get lost, we can remake one to match the other.

Cleaning and polishing

We appreciate that jewels may once in a while need a clean and polish, a service that we are happy to provide you with to ensure that you continue to cherish wearing your fine gold jewellery.

Redesign of inherited pieces

Should you have any inherited pieces of jewellery that you would like to have redesigned, please do come in for a consultation and we can work with you to create the personalised and unique piece that you will cherish wearing. Once the piece is designed, you will receive a painted illustration of the piece for approval. We can also adapt any of your existing rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, by adding diamonds, coloured stones or enamel to create your very own bespoke jewellery tailored to your exact wishes.


We can provide up-to-date detailing of your fine jewellery for insurance purposes.

Please note: prices of the above services are dependent on the particular piece and the work involved.

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