Roman Phalon of Zeus Ammon with curled rams horns

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A sensational 18ct yellow gold Pin featuring a striking bronze Roman phalon of Zeus Ammon, with curled rams horns dating from the 1st/2nd Century AD, set in a fine gold surround. Zeus Ammon was a culmination of two gods, Zeus and Ammon/Amun (Lybians used Ammon but the Egyptians Amun). Zeus, was the head of the Greek Pantheon of gods. Amun was a very important Egyptian deity, a god of the sun, fertility and creation. The cult of Zeus Ammon became famous due to its connection with Alexander the Great who consulted the oracle there. With both gods/cults having exceptional influence and power they would have been absorbed into Roman religious life, however it was sometimes easier to leave cults in their original state rather than re-naming them. Siwa (the site Alexander visited is also very isolated). The cult of Jupiter (Zeus' Roman counterpart) Ammon is also known but it is less commonly seen written now than Zeus Ammon. The cult of Zeus Ammon has been recorded from the reign of Trajan so the dates of the phalon would correspond. The attributes of Zeus Ammon was the ram's horns.
  • Roman phalon of Zeus Ammon with curled rams horns
  • 18ct gold
  • Approximately 71mm / 2¾ inches from top to bottom

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