Denim Jasper Necklace with Bronze Lunar Pendant


A wonderful necklace comprising of twenty-seven pieces of round denim jasper interspersed with four 18ct yellow gold rondells, set with two 18ct yellow gold funnels decorated with an imprint of a rose, taken from the back of a coin; suspended from which is a striking bronze lunar pendant which was the symbol of the Goddess Diana (circa 1st century AD) set with one off-round silver hemidrachm from Rhodos (circa 250 BC) depicting the head of Helios and to the reverse a rose.
  • 27 round pieces of denim jasper
  • 4 18ct yellow gold rondells
  • 2 18ct gold funnels
  • 1 silver hemidrachm coin (circa 250 BC)
  • Approximately 445mm/17.5 inches in length

Piece code: 24546