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  • NBG28014 V1NBG28014 V2

    Lapis Lazuli and Gold Necklace

  • NBG28012 V1NBG28012 V2

    Aquamarine and Gold Necklace

  • NMS25633 V2

    Fire Opal and Gold Necklace

  • NMS26064NMS26064 Bust

    Agate and Gold Neckleace

  • NMS26643NMS26643 Bust

    Gold and Purple Tube Necklace

  • NSP25624 V1NSP25624 V2

    Pearl Necklace with Gold, Red and Blue Enamel Tubes

  • NAG27137NAG27137 Bust

    Gold Plaque Necklace

  • NSP26774NSP26774 Bust

    South Sea Cultured Pearl Necklace with Dragon Clasp

  • NBG26287NBG26287 Bust

    Roller Seal Plaque with Sunstone, Pearl and Onyx Necklace

  • NMS25721NMS26721 Bust

    Silver Medal with Agate Necklace

  • NSP26775NSP26775 Bust

    South Sea Cultured Baroque Pearl Necklace

  • NSP24801NSP24801 Bust

    The Tatyana Necklace

  • Gold Cable Wire Necklace

    Gold Cable Wire Necklace

  • NBG26987NBG26987 Bust

    Natural Agate Claw Necklace

  • NSP26077 Bust

    Grey, White and South Sea Pearl Necklace

  • NAG27296 Bust

    Molten Gold Tube and Roller Seal Plaque Necklace

  • NMS25583 Bust

    Silver Stockbroker Pass, Aquamarine and Repoussé Gold Necklace

  • NSP27082 Bust

    Rubellite and Rock Crystal Pendant on South Sea Pearl Necklace

  • NBC23782 Bust

    Black Opal Necklace

  • NMS19910NMS19910.a. Bust

    Gold Belcher Chain and Pocket Watch

  • Foxtail Chain with Diamond Pendant Clip

    Foxtail Chain with Diamond Pendant Clip

  • NAG26979 Bust

    Gold Links Necklace

  • NMS27011NMS27011 Bust

    Twisted Stone Necklace with Kri-Kri Pendant

  • EG-LS-0920_417NSP26669 Bust

    Pink Pearl Necklace