The Gold Zodiac Ring Collection

Wear your sign in the form of a coveted, handmade gold zodiac ring designed by Elizabeth Gage.

Timeless pieces that represent your birth sign and/or the birth sign of your partner or children, meticulously crafted to perfection. Whoever you wish to celebrate, you can with Elizabeth Gage’s designs. No matter the occasion, wearing one of these beautiful rings will make a statement and assert your unique style.

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  • Libra-Zodiac-tapered-templar-ring-ZNS24-600×434

    Libra Zodiac Tapered Templar Ring

  • ZBE11_2ZBE11

    Zodiac Ring

  • ZNS27486APisces Zodiac Tapered Ring

    Pisces Zodiac Tapered Ring

  • ZNE27158AGemini Zodiac Tapered Templar Ring

    Gemini Zodiac Tapered Templar Ring

  • ZNE27159Aries Zodiac Ring

    Aries Zodiac Ring

  • ZNE27017aTaurus Zodiac Ring

    Taurus Zodiac Ring

  • Scorpio Zodiac Band ZBG83_960px

    Scorpio Zodiac Band Ring

  • ZNG190_V3_960pxzodiac tapered templar ring

    Zodiac Tapered Templar Ring

  • Zodiac-templar-band-with-four-leo-motifs-ZBG26427-600×434

    Leo Band Ring

  • GAGE06_098 1-renderPisces-Zodiac-ring-ZLS14179

    Pisces Zodiac Ring

  • GAGE06_098 1-renderZNG26265

    Aquarius Tapered Templar Zodiac Ring

  • ZBE28a_960pxZodiac Sagittarius ring

    Sagittarius Zodiac Band Ring

  • ZNG27519aZodiac Signet Ring

    Zodiac Signet Ring

  • Gage-signet-ring-ZNG25820-600×434

    Zodiac Signet Ring

  • Gage-signet-ring-Cancer-ZNG25990-600×434

    Zodiac Signet Ring

  • ZNG27520aZodiac Signet ring

    Zodiac Signet ring

  • Aries-zodiac-ring-ZLS34_a8a6495f-3d36-4a14-9cf2-d117e98c206a-600×434

    Aries Zodiac Ring

  • GAGE06_143-renderZodiac-ring-ZNB34

    Zodiac Ring

  • Cancer-zodiac-ring-ZBG90_e6f8c2f7-724f-4598-bf33-3e96434b5f13-600×434

    Cancer Zodiac Band Ring

  • Blue-enamel-Virgo-zodiac-band-ZBE16-600×434

    Virgo Zodiac Band Ring

  • GAGE06_143-renderAries-Zodiac-tapered-templar-ring-ZNE58

    Aries Zodiac Tapered Templar Ring

  • Zodiac rooster ring

    Rooster Zodiac Ring