The Aviary

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  • EG-LS-0920_095Gold earrings with mandarin garnet parrot head; fine jewellery London; Elizabeth Gage

    “Darby and Joan” Parrot Earrings

  • Blue Tourmaline Parrot and Pearl Pin

    Blue Tourmaline Parrot and Pearl Pin

  • Labradorite Parrot Pin

    Labradorite Parrot Pin

  • EMS27634-minTanzanite Parrot Earrings

    Tanzanite Parrot Earrings

  • EG39-LS-0619_2195“Mozart” Pin

    “Mozart” Pin

  • “Franklin” Pin

    “Franklin” Pin

  • Peridot Parrot Earrings

    Peridot Parrot Earrings

  • EG39-LS-0619_2166“The Bandits” earrings

    “The Bandits” Earrings

  • NMS25025 Bust

    Tsavorite Parrot Pendant with Planished Tube Necklace