Sun & Moon Jewels

Elizabeth’s iconic Sun rings were first designed in 1970. The starting point of the design was born out of Elizabeth’s fascination with Louis XIV of France, otherwise known as the ‘Sun King’. Elizabeth only makes this ring with a diamond or a pearl, to represent the ‘Sun’ and the ‘Moon’.

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  • NMS26064Agate and Gold Neckleace

    Agate and Gold Neckleace

  • AGB141-minGold Agincourt Zodiac band ring; fine jewellery London; Elizabeth Gage

    Zodiac Agincourt Band Ring

  • SUN27851-minPearl Sun Ring; fine jewellery London; Elizabeth Gage

    Pearl Sun Ring

  • Moon and Sun Earrings

    Moon and Sun Earrings

  • Sun and Moon Earrings

  • Mabé Pearl Sun Ring

    Mabé Pearl Sun Ring

  • MIS27333 view 2Rainbow Moonstone Ring

    Rainbow Moonstone Ring

  • Aquamarine, sun and moon earrings

    Aquamarine, Sun and Moon Earrings

  • ZNG190_V3_960pxzodiac tapered templar ring

    Zodiac Tapered Templar Ring

  • GAGE06_098 1-renderPisces-Zodiac-ring-ZLS14179

    Pisces Zodiac Ring

  • EG22_134-renderZodiac-shiraz-earrings-EZD22663_905682a7-05f7-4cb1-94bc-c274765266ce

    Zodiac Shiraz Earrings

  • Diamond-sun-ring-SUN22636

    The Diamond Sun Ring

  • Elizabeth_Gage_Sunstone_Bracelet_BMS24207-600×434-1

    Sunstone Bracelet

  • Kiss-pin-with-moonstone_-rainbow-moonstone-cabachons-and-diamonds-PIN24658_3cbefa3f-1ba8-4b0c-ada8-f2491c12bc10

    Moonstone Kiss Pin

  • Aries-zodiac-ring-ZLS34_a8a6495f-3d36-4a14-9cf2-d117e98c206a-600×434

    Aries Zodiac Ring

  • SUN24111Blue Sun Ring

    Blue Sun Ring

  • Cancer-zodiac-ring-ZBG90_e6f8c2f7-724f-4598-bf33-3e96434b5f13-600×434

    Cancer Zodiac Band Ring