The Kiss Pin Collection

My jewelled kiss pins are inspired by the Renaissance but brought forward into today’s world. Every one of them is unique to match the wearer’s preference. 

The stones I have used for these pins are tourmalines, in many different shades, tanzanites, aquamarines and peridots. They are combined with 19th century intaglios, ancient coins, cameos and rich enamel work. 

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  • EG29_190The Maharajah Pin

    The “Maharajah” Pin

  • cabachon-yellow-tourmaline-Kiss-pin-with-coin,-diamonds-and-pearls; fine jewellery London

    Yellow Tourmaline Kiss Pin

  • Mandarin Garnet Kiss Pin

    Mandarin Garnet Kiss Pin

  • Turquoise Kiss Pin

    Turquoise Kiss Pin

  • Kiss-pin-with-mabe-and-grey-pearls_-silver-coin-and-diamonds-PIN24703_f9d0db8f-698f-4027-88db-efdac506077a

    Silver Coin, Pearl and Diamond Kiss Pin

  • Elizabeth_Gage_Rubellite_Kiss_Pin_Pin24702-600×434

    Roman Rubellite Kiss Pin

  • Elizabeth_Gage_Pink_Tourmaline_Kiss_Pin_PIN18399

    Pink Tourmaline Kiss Pin

  • Kiss-pin-with-moonstone_-rainbow-moonstone-cabachons-and-diamonds-PIN24658_3cbefa3f-1ba8-4b0c-ada8-f2491c12bc10

    Moonstone Kiss Pin

  • EG39-LS-0619_2144Elizabeth_Gage_Mandarin_Garnet_Kiss_Pin_PIN23125HR-600×435

    Mandarin Garnet and Yellow Beryl Kiss Pin

  • Elizabeth_Gage_Charles_First_Kiss_Pin_Yellow_Beryl_PIN24544-600×434

    Charles I Kiss Pin

  • Elizabeth_Gage_Coin_Kiss_Pin_PIN22760-600×434

    Constantine II Coin Kiss Pin