Historical Treasures

Coins have always had a fascination for Elizabeth because of their historical association. She is interested to learn about the lives and the significance of the people whose heads feature on the coins. “When I pick up an ancient coin I am aware that I am touching something that has been handled by people many hundreds of years ago. Coins are a connection with the past, perhaps some have been used to buy groceries or to pay a king’s ransom”, says Elizabeth. The first time Elizabeth used a coin in one of her designs, she was devastated. The goldsmith proudly showed her the finished gleaming coin which he had polished until it shone- thus removing two thousand years of patina!

Elizabeth also works with other small historical treasures and brings a new life to an object with a fascinating history.

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  • Roller Seal Ring

  • Roller Seal Hoop Earrings

  • Coin and Gold Corde Bracelet

    Coin and Gold Corde Bracelet

  • Silver coin earrings; fine jewellery London

    Silver Coin Earrings

  • cabachon-yellow-tourmaline-Kiss-pin-with-coin,-diamonds-and-pearls; fine jewellery London

    Yellow Tourmaline Kiss Pin

  • MLG27346-minGold ring with Sasanian haematite; fine jewellery London

    Haematite Molten Gold Ring

  • Gold pin featuring bronze, mirror and diamonds; fine jewellery London; Elizabeth Gage

    Medieval Bronze Mirror Case and Gold Flame Pin

  • NBG26287NBG26287 Bust

    Roller Seal Plaque with Sunstone, Pearl and Onyx Necklace

  • NMS25721NMS26721 Bust

    Silver Medal with Agate Necklace

  • Bronze Coin Bracelet

    Bronze Coin Bracelet

  • RSR25720-minRoller Seal Ring

    Roller Seal Ring

  • RSR27051-TTL27786-minDouble Row Roller Seal Ring

    Double Row Roller Seal Ring

  • Silver Coin and Pearl Pin

    Silver Coin and Pearl Pin

  • Helios Bracelet

    The Helios Bracelet

  • Zeus Ammon Bronze Pin

    Zeus Ammon Bronze Pin

  • Gold Enamelled Cross Pendant

    Gold Enamelled Cross Pendant

  • The ‘Heraldic’ Pin

    The ‘Heraldic’ Pin

  • RSR27495aRoller Seal Ring

    Roller Seal Ring

  • “Franklin” Pin

    “Franklin” Pin

  • Tanit Pendant with Diamonds

    Tanit Pendant with Diamonds

  • PIN27057

    Bronze Hound and Carnelian Snail Cameo Pin

  • Byzantine Gold Tube, Antique Carnelian and Glass Bead Bracelet

    Byzantine Gold Tube, Antique Carnelian and Glass Bead Bracelet

  • NMS25583 Bust

    Silver Stockbroker Pass, Aquamarine and Repoussé Gold Necklace

  • NSP27082 Bust

    Rubellite and Rock Crystal Pendant on South Sea Pearl Necklace