Elizabeth's Margot McKinney Pearl Collection

Elizabeth has always used the stone as her starting point. Creating an exclusive collection, Elizabeth has chosen Margot McKinney’s exquisite pearls and complimented them with objects which appeal because of their history, shape or colour – from a silver hemidrachm coin from Rhodos (circa 25 BC) to a blue tourmaline parrot head.

Margot McKinney is fourth-generation of a 135-year-old McKinney family jewellery business in Australia. With an unbridled appetite for travelling the world in search of rare gems for her bespoke jewellery, Margot McKinney is renowned for her unrivalled access to the world’s finest pearls. Living on the pearling mother ship for the annual pearl harvest situated at one of the remotest pearl farms in Australia, Margot McKinney pearls have each been individually and meticulously selected for this exclusive and historical collaboration with Elizabeth Gage.

The meeting of the world’s finest pearls with Elizabeth’s unique designs has resulted in a truly special and timeless collection.

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