Techniques – Elizabeth Gage

Wire and Granulation

Elizabeth is well known for her attention to detail and the different textures she uses for her gold work. Whilst studying on the Greek island of Crete, she learned how to make traditional gold beads known as granulation which are often used geometrically on jewellery. She wanted to use this ancient technique in a completely new way and the result is her free flowing scattered gold beads mixed with wire work designs. This is known as her wire and granulation finish and is a signature on many pieces.

Lost Wax Process

Wax is carved, melted and shaped until Elizabeth is happy with the design. The wax is then cast and hot liquid gold replaces the wax. Since the wax disappears during this process it is called the ‘lost’ wax process and each piece is one of a kind.


Achieved popularity in Europe during the sixteenth and eighteenth century. The ancient art of repoussé means the metal is hammered or shaped by working from the reverse side.