Design – Elizabeth Gage

Valois Earrings

Named after the ancient and royal French house of Valois, Elizabeth’s love of France was the inspiration for the name of her simple, yet elegant and versatile earring which often incorporates the wire-twist-wire edging found on her Templar rings.

Agincourt Ring

Elizabeth’s first ring was designed as a modern drum, a solid piece of gold was cut into interlinking sections and set with stones. When it was finished it resembled a Persian carpet or a Medieval tapestry so she called it her Agincourt ring. She later developed this style further, winning a De Beers award in 1972. An example of Elizabeth’s Agincourt ring design can be seen in the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Orlov Ring

This is a striking, stately ring named after the fascinating Russian Orlov family. A strong, slightly bombé ring topped with a colourful stone, sometimes engraved, and often surrounded by vibrant enamel.