Client services – Elizabeth Gage

Commission 4

Our client broke a lovely pin and all that remained was the carved lion and a fabulous baroque keshi pearl. The client wanted a similar shape and feel for her new pin, yet something very different. Elizabeth made the carved lion the focus and used the shape of an orchid to surround the carving, embellishing the petals with rays of matching enamel.

Commission 5

One of our clients purchased a lovely collar from us and then asked Elizabeth to design another collar for her personally. Our client is an artist who incorporates the sun, leaves, hearts, the moon and stars into her art and she wanted Elizabeth to reflect her work in the new design. These are all symbols which Elizabeth enjoys using in her designs so she found it inspiring to work with another artist who shared her love of these elements. After sketching some concepts she felt that the gold torque necklace needed a focal point and chose a bronze Roman coin with a lovely patina as the centre with molten sun rays flowing from it at the front of the necklace. On either side of the torque she scattered different sized carved stars with diamonds centres.

Commission 6

This was a very special commission for a pair of cuffs using Elizabeth’s signature wire and granulation work, made to mark a special occasion. The client’s name is cleverly spelt out using the wire work.